Monday, 17 April 2017

Your Carriage Awaits - Part 2 - Rhino Design and 3d Printing

One of my collaborative projects is with Kev Clarke, a second year student at Hertfordshire University on the Model Making and Special Effect degree course. The original brief for the project with reference pictures can be found here:-

Good progress has been made on this prop. Firstly the carriage was designed in 3d in Rhino, a computer design package similar to Solidworks:-

 Each part was designed to fit together and in 1:12th scale. The parts were then cut up so that they could be 3d printed separately.

Carriage lamps are included which will be hollow inside to allow a very tiny battery powered lamp called a 'grain of rice' bulb.

The parts were then 3d printed with supporting plastic which has to be trimmed off and the parts lightly sanded before painting.

A number of parts will be laser cut, this will be shown in part 3.

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