Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Lulu - Sculpting the Body

I have decided to try casting the boots in silicone as part of Lulu's body. The picture above are some childrens' boots from the period (around 1870) and I particularly like  the button fastening.

This is another pair of boots from the period. I like the small heels on these and they would be appropriate for a child so I'm going to incorporate the heels from these ones and the buttons from above for Lulu's boots.

I am using a new clay from Chavant called 'Clayette'. It's lovely to use, comes in firm or soft and is pliable and less sticky from most other clays. I also like the light colour. 

Here is the finished sculpt. I have included the boot buttons to see if they will come out well on the finished cast. If not they may have to be added at the costuming stage. 

The soles of the boots cover up the armature but this will have a hole cut in it to add the tie down nuts sunk into the foot.

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