Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Lulu - hand

Lulu's hands are going to be replaceable and cast from DragonSkin silicone like her body. The hands are very small so only have a single wire in each finger so I will need to make several copies as they are at risk of breaking during animation.

This time I have used Chavant medium clay for the sculpt. It is non-sulphur containing which is important as sulphur can stop the silicone from curing. It is oil based so doesn't dry out. I have used lighter fluid and a small paint brush to smooth the sculpt. The armature is on a narrow piece of K&S square brass tubing so that it can be attached to the arm of the armature. 

I have used water based clay for the clay wall and a cocktail stick and sculpting tool to carefully push the clay up between the fingers without damaging the sculpt. It is a good idea to freeze the sculpt before doing this so it is harder and less easily damaged.

Here is the finished first half of the resin mould. The K&S tubing fits snuggly into the mould and will hold the armature of the hand during casting.

 The two halves of the mould are now finished. There is a 'key' each side of the mould to hold the two halves of the mould inline during casting. I have painted each half and the armature with a coat of flesh coloured DragonSkin silicone to make sure the wire doesn't show through the hand. 

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