Monday, 27 March 2017

Pensée - Summary of Scenes

I've been working on the screenplay for the film. I have a more detailed summary I'm working on which I will post soon. Also each scene will have its own post soon, with detailed dialogue, picture references and 'essence' or inspiration, background notes and estimated length.

The screenplay is based on the DETAILED TIMELINE which is based on the biographies, journals and letters over the last 10 years of Louisa May Alcott's life.

While struggling to really feel where this was going and to visualise a dramatised version of each scene I decided to use a new creative technique. I've allocated a song to each scene and picked lyrics from the song that are appropriate to the scene or encapsulate the essence of it.

1. A Design for Life
         May's Ideal French Life

2. Orthodox Dreams 
      May falls pregnant but prepares for the worst

3. Little Baby Nothing / Bright eyes 
      Louisa is ill; Lulu is born; May becomes ill and dies

4. Tsunami 
      Emerson tells Louisa May's death

5. Some Kind of Nothingness
      As Louisa prepares the nursery a box of May's things arrive

6. There by the grace of god  
     Louisa goes to wait for Lulu at the wharf

7. You stole the sun from my heart 
     Lulu's first birthday; Bronson and Lulu in the garden

8. Together Stronger 
     Lulu's second birthday,teething;  gifts for poor

9. Your Love Alone is Not Enough  
     Louisa spanks lulu, new years day

10. Autumnsong 
     Lulu skating on Walden Pond; Lulu's library
"An old man plays with newspaper cuttings of his glory days"
This is the autumn of Louisa's life as well as the season. Bronson reflects on his 'glory days' and Louisa reads Lulu's library stories to Lulu in front of the fire.

     Shadow Children exert

11. Postcards from a young man
        Louisa burns letters; crickets in the grass

12. From there to here / Everlasting 
      Louisberg square; Louisa very ill; Lulu and the tricycle (everlasting - the gap that grows between our lives)

13. An anthem for a lost cause 
       Bronson dies; Louisa dies

14. Everything Must Go 
       Lulu's father takes her back

Epilogue - Hallelujay instrumental
       Written epilogue Anna and John return Lulu to her father

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