Monday, 6 March 2017

External Scene 2 - Lulu runs up to the front door of Orchard House

In scene 2 we see little Lulu, skates flung over her shoulder, running through the snow up to the front door of Orchard House. I've put together Pinterest board of skating pictures and costumes. Originally I was thinking that dark red with white trim like the picture above would look good but I've decided Lulu will wear blue. Her mother had a deep fondness for blue clothes and they both had blonde hair and I imagine Louisa would often have dressed Lulu in blue as nod to her late mother.

By this stage in her life Louisa had published the first part of the book 'Little Women' and had become considerably wealthy so would have been able to afford many gifts and outfits for Lulu.

Here is Larvi's first version of Scene 2:-

This already looks great so we've obviously working on the same wavelength now! I didn't have much I wanted to change other than the trees around Orchard House (other than orchard trees) are larch trees which are deciduous so would look decidedly less leafy in winter. 

So here is Larvi's second version which I'm very happy with.

We've going to continue to make all of the thumbnails before getting some colour on them and putting together the storyboard. This will give me time to decide on which scenes in the last 10 years of Louisa's life I want to dramatise and which ones will be in stop motion along with an outline of a script. 

The next scene we're going to look at is the interior of May and Ernest's house in Paris...

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