Sunday, 12 March 2017

Lulu Nieriker - Reference Pictures

One of the great sources of information for me has been Susan Bailey and her marvellous website:-

Louisa May Alcott is my passion 

Susan has researched and written extensively on Louisa and her family. She has often been kind enough to personally answer my questions and to point me in the right direction as far as my own research is concerned. 

Recently I was trying to find reference pictures for Lulu Nieriker, the daughter of May Alcott, Louisa's younger sister. Lulu came to live with Louisa when she was 10 months old, on the dying wishes of her mother, who died when she was 6 weeks old. There aren't many in existence! Susan was kind to point me in the direction of research for Lulu , including one book containing an interview with her at the age of 95 and for sending me these wonderful photographs.

I just love this one of Lulu on the bicycle, and I've not see it anywhere else despite extensive searching for my Pinterest boards.

You can definitely spot the family resemblance in this older photograph of Lulu

This one was used in the introduction for 'Lu Sing', a story that Louisa wrote for Lulu as a moral tale

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