Monday, 30 April 2018

Finished Set (v1)

I'm very pleased with the three walls of the set that I've finished. I'm  happy with the fireplace and bookcase and alcove though of course I can see all the imperfections as I've been working on them close up! I think the colours look about right. I have accessories to work on next, these will include apples, a lamp, some books for the bookcase, a bust for the alcover and some pictures for the walls. I'm not as happy with the table, its fairly unsteady. In the reference pictures only the feet are visible so I intend to make a longer circular tablecloth. The wire on the hem of the tablecloth works well to make it drape realistically though. The chair I'm really not happy with and its just not strong enough so I'd like to redo that out of thicker wood and with a padded seat. The sticky back felt roll works very well but I needed a little more than I'd planned to I will redo the floor and have it stretch out over a longer area.

I like how the windows turned out (and they did take an awful lot of work!). They're not perfect, they're slightly unsymmetrical which causes a problem as they're made in two parts for each pain, front and back  and they're very slightly too bit causing a very slight bend which you can just see but they do move up and down and give the right impression. I want to put a landscape scene outside of the windows.

The fireplace looks right proportionally compared to the reference pictures and the bookcase colour is dark enough. Also the alcove is quite smooth and you can't notice the lines on it. The green chair is quite worn and weathered but a slightly different colour where I've repaired it at the bottom and that is bothering me so I need to change the fabric on that one piece. The fireplace needs more logs on it and to be lit from underneath with a small bulb. It should have a thing back panel on top of the mantlepiece flush wiht the wall that I want to add. 

The doors both work well though the grooves around the panels aren't as neat as I'd have liked. the Proportions look right and i'm particularly pleased with the pewter colour door handles made of polymer clay. I'd like to add hinges for when they're open.

The hearth isnt' really noticable which is how it should be and think it shows I must have used the right mix of colours.

Louisa looks relaxed (even without any hair!) though I think she'd complain about the lack of books!

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