Thursday, 29 March 2018

Louisa's costume - printing fabric

These are the results of my experiments with using Bubblejet 2000 to print on fabric. The process involves soaking fabric in Bubblejet 2000 liquid for 5 minutes then letting it dry. The fabric is then cut to A4 size and ironed onto an A4 sheet of freezer paper. It can then be used in any inkjet or bubblejet printer.

I took this pattern from an internet search, its not period but it will resemble it when I've finished adjusting it:-

I took the image, tiled it and reduced it in photoshop:-

then reduced and tiled again:-

and again and darkened it slightly:-

I tried several different fabrics, habotoi silk, calico, cotton, and two came out particularly well, a cotton lining and a sheer silk, and caused no problems for the printer. After rinsing and drying the colours don't appear to run. 

I will be using these for Louisa's dress

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