Saturday, 17 March 2018


The bookcase is made of wood glued together. First I started with some reference pictures from Orchard House:-

One problem was that I didn't have a straight on side view to tell exactly how it looked from that angle, or from the back. 

Next I made a scale drawing both on paper then in Sketchup based on measurements of width , height and depth from Jennie at Orchard house. I estimated where the shelves should sti relative to other furniture and structures in the room. 

I cut out the pieces from Bass Wood strips. This is also called Lime or Lindon wood and is harder than balsa wood but not as hard as pine so its good for carving or cutting with a scalpel and sands easily but is reasonably strong. The wood I've used here came from Eileens Emporium and I've used a variety of thicknesses from 6mm down to 1mm. The shelves are all 4mm and overall the bookcase is 21.8cm tall.

Next I sanded each part having glued two pieces together for the sides with one panel for each side shaped with a scalpel. I used a palm sander and hand sanded to get the rounded edges then checked they were straight with a set square. Even so they still took a little more sanding when it came to gluing them all together. 

I painted each part with wood dye. 

Its very thing and dries fast but also dries a good deal lighter than it originally looks so they had two coats, working quickly with a coarse brush in the direction of the grain.

I've used 'no-more-nails' wood glue to glue the pieces together, making sure they were straight in all directions and holding them for a couple of minutes until they were secure.

I then gave the whole bookcase another coat of wood dye.

This is how it looks as part of the set.

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