Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Reference Pictures in Pinterest

There have been many times when I've googled for reference pictures and been taken to Pinterest. Because I've then had to scroll through many things to get to the picture I first thought of, I have ended up lost down the rabbit hole, further and further into related topics. Because of this I've so far avoided setting up Pinterest for myself, but after spending much time saving pictures to my hard drive and then not being able to quote the source for them, I have succumbed finally to Pinterest as it keeps it all together, link-with-photo.

I do find it rather addictive and now have quite a few boards, but here are the ones most relevant to the Masters. I may even go so far as to add to my Pinterest boards from my stash of .jpgs so that everything is in one place and more easily referenced. I definitely find it easier to work visually and google reverse image search has proved very fruitful.

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