Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Best Laid Plans

New Year... New Plans

So I have finally finished version 6 of the Project Plan, taking account of the fact there was more I wanted to do for Negotiated Project 1 last year but didn't quite finish or fit in and that I needed to drop at least one aspect. So I have dropped the 2d animation I was planning on for Scene 3. Its still just as busy and just as colourful but hopefully more realistic.

Here's the summary for Negotiated Project 2 which will run from January to May 2017. Its a 30 credit module so should take up 300 hours of study all of which is based at home. I think I have the proportions about right :-

Project Plan Summary v6

I do have, of course, a more detailed version...
which contains a number of individual tasks, so that I don't miss out anything important that is vital for the assessment or the final production or that's a prerequisite for later modules and needs to be done sooner rather than later. You'll notice I've added some software learning and practice. One of the things about Negotiated Project 1 was that the Storyboard was hand drawn and took a lot longer than expected so I'm going to go digital.

Project Plan v6 - the detail

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